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Music is not something you just do ...,

Music is a way to get in tune with life. 

I don't consider my self as a serious musician,  nevertheless I have a big passion for music. I play instruments and compose songs just for fun. For me music is my meditation and it contributes to my creativity and inner wellbeing. It allows me to have visions wich is a nice benefit when composing Photo and Film.

Here bellow you can find some CD's I have released during the last years. In case you like one or the other  song, it's all available on itunes and other online stores. 

Album "Forever"

Forever Radio Edit - TOLIS

Vocals: Tolis / Rina Hera / Lou Zarra

Guitars: Tolis

Bass: Tolis / Sasa Cameroni

Drums: Gianfranco Gallo

Keys: Lou Zarra

Percussion: Lou Zarra

Horns: Sugar Horns

Strings: Kimi Fiebig

Written & composed by:

Tolis Fragoudis

Produced by:

Lou Zarra / Klangstark

Single "Let Em Know"

Let Em Know - TOLIS

Vocals: Tolis

Backing-Vocals: Rina Hera

Acoustic Guitar: Tolis

Beat-Box: Lou Zarra

Single "Human in Love"

Human in Love - TOLIS feat. RINA HERA

Vocals: Rina Hera

Acoustic & E-Guitar: Tolis

Keys: Rina Hera

Sounds-programming: Lou Zarra

EP "Forever"

Forever Mango Duck Remix - TOLIS
Forever Instrumental - TOLIS

EP "Gayatri Mantra" Filmmusic

Gayatri Mantra long version - TOLIS

EP "Epic City" Filmmusic "I love zurich"

EP "Open Up" Bike-Days Filmmusic

Album "Mekong"

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