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My name ist Tolis Fragoudis. Im greek origin and I was raised in Switzerland where I grew up in a small town in the mountains. My homebase is Zürich. 

TolisArt stands for its own audio-visual work of film and photo productions in artistic form. I make sure that aesthetics and technology meet each other to create a unique and strong visual language. I work for agencies, media stations, touristic boards and companies. I create context with strong pictures that speak for it self. 
A good network of creatives, photographers, cameraoperators, copywriters, graphic and motion designers, make-up artists, stylists and assistants is available. 
I stand behind every step of the work, operate on a project-related basis and in an institutional form. This agile approach leaves the necessary scope to always engage exactly the right resources that optimal serve the customer projects. This allows me to remain flexible for small projects and quickly put together teams for large-scale productions. The future is for those who move forward. 



Further engagements:



I have been representing the Sony as a brand ambassador now for many years. This cooperation is characterized by creating content, holding lectures and shows, producing films and much more. 



I give inspirational speeches for Sony and for travel stories, especially in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. One of my most frequently given presentation is “Spiritual India”. A two-hour multimedia show about a journey through India and its sacred places.

Another show as Sony speaker is "Explore to Create" where I talk about my projects, some of which I have shot around the world in the most remote places like the Himalayas, swiss Ice caves, in the namibian deserts and much more.



I also regularly teach at media schools, hold seminars and give public and private courses.


Tolis Fragoudis

Zürich Switzerland

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